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feel free tonic

Hey there you ol’ sailor, you. Sounds like you’re interested in trying out the feel free wellness tonic from Botanic Tonics? If so, listen up, because we’ve tasted, tested and reviewed Botanic Tonic’s wellness tonic, and we’ve got the down low, low-down, no-doubt.

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What is Feel Free Wellness Tonic?

Feel Free’s Plant-Based Tonic is a specially formulated tonic made from ancient plants in Southeast Asia and contains two main ingredients: kava and kratom.  The tonic is made using a special process of kava and kratom extraction which results in a smooth, euphoric, energy-filled shot of bliss.

Feel Free is an herbal supplement that works almost immediately (you’ll notice your tongue go numb), and the effects can last for several hours.

Many Feel Free customers use the tonic as a replacement for alcohol and other harder, more harsh, drugs and supplements. 

If you’re looking for something to take the edge off and make you a bit more social (without the hangover), then I’d highly recommend giving Feel Free a try. 

What are Feel Free Plant Based Tonic’s Ingredients?

There are two main ingredients – kava and kratom.  The proprietary process used to extract and combine these two ingredients has never been done before.  Any other ancient plants from Southeast Asia that were used as ingredients in the tonic are not listed on the bottle. 


How quickly does Feel Free Tonic work?

Feel Free tonic generally works within minutes with the full effects reported within 30-60 minutes on the upper end.  

You’ll know that Feel Free Plant Based Tonic is working when you get that floaty feeling, or that euphoric bliss that is accompanied with a long stream of steady energy. 


Who owns Botanic Tonics?

The owner and founder of Botanic Tonics is Jerry Ross.  Jerry has a history with addiction and abuse which led to his creation of Feel Free. Jerry was looking for a combination of plant based supplements that could be used recreationally without being harmful to our bodies.


Does Feel Free Tonic contain Kratom?

Yes, Feel Free does contain a small amount of Kratom.  Kratom is illegal in several jurisdictions, so be sure to check before ordering that you are not violating any laws. 


Is Botanic Tonics addictive?

Yes, with a highly potent blend of kava and kratom, I would consider it addictive and would recommend not consuming the tonic on consecutive days.


What’s the best Coupon Code for Feel Free Plant-Based Tonic?

The best coupon code for ordering your first time is DADSAGREE40 and will save you 40% off your first order.  It will only work with new accounts that have a new email address on file. 

Feel Free for Golfing

FAQs for Feel Free's Botanic Tonics

Absolutely. Botanic Tonics is in the business of making herbal supplements, and the Feel Free Wellness Tonic is their #1 best seller. That being said, it doesn't necessarily feel like an herbal supplement - it feels like a drug!

Yes. To most, the side effects of Feel Free are desirable, but some users report nausea, drowsiness, headache or diarrhea (to name a few). But, the pleasurable side effects for most users far outweigh any of the negative, and in my opinion, it's a great replacement to the nasty toxicity of drinking alcohol.

If you look at the ingredients, you'll see that there is 2600mg of their proprietary blend of kava and kratom extra in each bottle. While it's hard to decipher exactly how much of each ingredient are in there, we were informed that there is a 4:1 blend with 4 parts kava for every 1 part kratom within each Feel Free shot.

You can buy Feel Free directly from their website or one of their local retailers. You can find a list of local stores that sell Feel Free tonics here.


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