Coco Interactive Toddler Guitar by Mattel

Today’s Dads’ Choice award for the best guitar for toddlers goes to Coco Interactive Toddler Guitar by Mattel; detailed after Miguel’s guitar in the Disney Pixar’s beloved animated movie Coco, this cute little toy guitar is realistic yet quite easy to use. It offers two sets of controls, 3 keys on the neck of the guitar, and 6 chords on the body. The controls are quite cleverly designed, in that, the keys are there to help the chords change in tune, which makes it realistic and easy to play with.

It runs on 3 AA batteries and lights up like the one in the movie. The batteries are included in the box along with a short along with a music sheet that illustrates how to play Mexican songs and “Remember Me” from PIXAR’s Coco using this toddler guitar. It’s designed for toddlers so it’s lightweight, portable, and easy to carry around.

This toy guitar will keep your little musician busy and his/her mind engaged since it allows them to come up with their own compositions!

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