M SANMERSEN Electric Toy Guitar

This pink toddler guitar is perfect for girls age 2 to 5 year olds. It’s a no string design that runs on 3 AA batteries. This cute toy guitar for girls has 8 keys on the neck that plays different songs while the straps are there so the little musician can strum away to their favorite songs!

It’s portable (22.4 inches), lightweight (1.35), multifunctional, and made of durable material. Beautifully designed with colorful flashing lights that will attract your kid’s attention from a mile away, and the soft light is perfectly safe for a child’s eyes.

Made of child-safe material, this adorable little electric toddler guitar is not only the perfect gift that will keep the little Mozart busy but also a way to help them develop their sense of music, auditory and hand-eye coordination development.


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