With the Bluerise 6 feet trampoline, you truly do get what you pay for. This small trampoline is a little over $150.

While we were excited to try this small trampoline out for our children, we realized that there were a few safety features that were lacking. For starters, the net does not directly make contact with the jumping mat. Being that the trampoline is only 6 ft, we were a bit wary about having our adults actually try it out. Not to mention the fact that no capacity weight is provided by the manufacturer.

While it is only about 3 feet from the ground, a ladder is included as well, making it easy for small children to be able to access themselves. However, we recommend you supervise your child(ren) with this trampoline being that the safety net is not connected to the jumping mat.

A buckle device is included in the purchase in order to connect the jumping mat to the enclosure net however there is still room for small gaps, which can be concerning.

Another issue we faced with this trampoline was that the instruction manual was in Spanish. However, there is an installation video that is provided for this trampoline on Amazon that you can watch (that’s what we did).

Assembly was not as easy as we thought it would be. For one, no spring tools were included for installation so we had to go the old-fashioned hand-pulling route. While our trampoline held up fairly well over a 3 month period, we were a bit hesitant to recommend this trampoline being that many other buyers advised against it.

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