Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk

What is a more simple way for children to play outdoors than to give them a piece of chalk and a sidewalk and have them go to town? It does not get much simpler than that, and Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk is the best chalk product we could find. Twenty pieces of chalk, seven different colors, and jumbo-sized, non-toxic, and washable chalk will provide your children with hours of fun.

If you have creative children who always want to pick up a pen, marker, or lipstick lying around, this sidewalk chalk will allow them to express their creative side while saving you hours of cleanup on your carpet or wall. It is one of the best toddler outdoor toys in 2020, and it is also suitable for up into the early teenage years. There is a little bit of fun for everyone with Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk.

With seven different colors, your child will be able to design whatever their hearts desire and make it a colorful masterpiece. As soon as a rainstorm comes, or you take the water hose to it, you will never know the art was there as it is easily washable. Sidewalk chalk is a great outdoor gift for any child.

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