CYLAPEX 6 Pack Multicolor Fairy String Lights Battery Operated Fairy Lights

This 6-pack multicolor battery-operated fairy string lights are the ideal choice if you’re looking for something beard fairy lights as opposed to beard baubles that light up. These fairy lights are the exact size you’d need to decorate your beard. You’ll receive 6 strands of beard fairy lights in the package and unless you have exceedingly long facial hair, one strand should be enough to turn your beard into a Christmas beard! So one purchase is enough for six individuals.

When continuously lit, the batteries last for up to 24 hours, and the wire holding these led beard lights together is made of a perfectly flexible copper wire— so no worries there. These fairy beard lights are flexible, thin yet sturdy and reliable— which is exactly what you’d need!

The lifespan of these beard led lights is around 50,000 hours so you can even use them after Christmas in a DIY project around the house, or to decorate your costume, hair. They’re tiny, super-bright, colorful, and offer great for the price so you cannot go wrong with these!

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