Etmact 36 Pcs Colorful Christmas Jingle Bells Santa Claus Beard Clip, Beard Ornaments

If you’re simply looking for just beard ornaments with no lights— we’ve got you covered. Etmact’s 36 pcs colorful Christmas beard ornaments are exactly what you’re looking for. These beard ornaments are enough in quantity to even decorate Gandalf’s epic beardage and the design perfectly matches the Christmas theme.

These Christmas beard ornaments are light-weight, so they won’t be causing any discomfort, you wouldn’t even know you’re wearing them. Durable and easy to use; as long as your beard is not exceedingly short, these beard ornaments will hang on there surprisingly firmly.

If you’re looking for a funny Christmas gift idea for your friend, father, or husband— this is exactly that. Doesn’t even matter if they don’t have a beard, they’ll hang onto hair just as firmly and jingle on as they move around, then throw in a Santa costume, and lo & behold Santa walks among us.

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