FolkArt 34150 Home Decor Chalk Furniture

FolkArt’s 34150 Home Decor Chalk had to be our pick for the best baby safe paint for cribs. FolkArt is unique among paints in the sense that it is extremely easy to layer and distress, creates a brilliant matte chalk finish that will look great in your nursery and their products are completely safe for babies, so you can enjoy the process without having to worry about any health hazards.

FolkArt is particularly great for furniture as it doesn’t need any priming or stripping. You might have to add multiple layers and sand it to get an edgy appearance but given that you are a fan of that kind of look, you will not be disappointed with the results. Apart from that little bit, it’s the best brand you can pick for your craft projects.

FolkArt has actually been in the paint-making business for a while now (since 1976, to be exact), and they have perfected their products to make the process of creation, of art and craft, as fun as it should be. Moreover, their products are safe, so you can enjoy your work without
having to worry about your health.

Demand for the FolkArt paint is very high, as it is a high-quality non-toxic paint with lots of unique special finishes. It’s not only popular among remodelers and DIY enthusiasts but also sculptors and artists.

You can easily customize your surfaces, such as your baby’s crib, with a variety of excellent finishes, including enamel, outdoor, chalk paint, neon, glitter, multi-surface, and a whole lot more.

Another great thing about FolkArt is that you can use it on multiple surfaces besides wood, including metal, ceramic, plaster, terracotta, and canvas. The coverage also blends well to hide natural blemishes on the surface.

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