GOMO Kids Kick Scooter

Most kids’ scooters have three wheels since two-wheel scooters are more suitable for older children with more developed balance, motor, and coordination skills. However, we all know how little kids want to play with the big kids, especially when they’ve got older brothers and sisters.

Enter GOMO’s Kids Kick Scooter.

While it’s designed for kids ages two to five, it resembles big-kid scooters to make your small one feel more grown-up. They also get the benefit of a lean-to-turn design, so even if your kid is just two or three, they can get a head start on this kind of work on their ability to balance.

“GOMO” stands for “get out more often.” They’ve designed their scooters around the idea that kids benefit from playing outside. And since it’s so small, it’s lightweight but sturdy enough to withstand everything a young toddler can throw at it.

We all know kids fall, and while they’re learning to ride scooters, bikes, or basically anything with wheels, they will take a spill or nine. GOMO designs its scooters with that in mind, too, not just to protect your kid, but also to ensure their scooter doesn’t get so banged up that you have to buy them a new one.


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