Hook On, Fold Flat High Chair

If you want your child to join you at the table, this hook-on chair makes perfect seating. It’s a step up from the typical high-chair because it hooks on to your table top rather than providing a stand-alone tray and cup holder.

Parents might be skeptical at first sight. A hook-on chair doesn’t sound sturdy or safe, but in this chair, your child isn’t going anywhere.

This kids chair is for one year olds and up. It has straps and latches firmly to the side of any existing table. The harness keeps kids locked in, no matter how much they squirm. And the soft material design is perfect for sensitive legs and arms.

The back is surprisingly supportive given that the material pieces are machine washable and removable. The color is a nice neutral gray and it folds flat for travel and storage.

While this is best for younger children, it holds up to 37 lbs and should be effective for up to 36 months old. That said, the seat is made from a  thin fabric piece and will wear out with washing and use.


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