Kuriozud Baby Girl/Boy Corduroy Overalls

Kuriozud may not have the same kind of name recognition as the other companies on this list, but they’ve got an undeniable winner in their corduroy baby overalls.

Let’s get something straight right off the bat—these overalls are made for looks, not longevity. Their soft, single-stitch cotton blend fabric isn’t anywhere near as durable as denim or canvas, nor does it have the same down-home charm.

But that’s because they’re not trying to fill the same niche. Kuriozud’s corduroy overalls are geared towards fashion-conscious parents who want to lend their anklebiters an air of hipster quirkiness, rustic formality, or precocious book-smarts (picture books, that is). They’re more Mumford and Sons than they are Old MacDonald.

The handsomely cut corduroy is arguably more stylish than any pair of denim overalls could ever dream of being, and comes in an assortment of muted, earthy tones like wine red, grass green, and beige.

Depending on which color you fancy, you may get a pair featuring either traditional cross straps with metal button clasps or minimalistic, suspender-esque straps with old-fashioned button enclosures. Size-wise, each style is suitable for children aged 0-24 months and on into toddlerdom. That’s good news if you’re enamored with the way your kid looks in them.

As unlikely as they are to survive more than a few months of regular wear, Kuriozoid’s Baby Girl/Boy Corduroy Overalls are an unbeatable bargain, which means they’re cheap enough to replace several times over if needed.


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