Makone 31pcs Light Up Beard Ornaments for Men

Looking for a bigger package? No worries, we’ve got you covered! With this package, you will receive 31 beard baubles! Makone’s 31pcs Light Up Beard Ornaments for Men include beard lights and ornaments such as candy cane, colorful & jingly jingle bells, and of course beard Christmas lights.

These beard lights are super easy to use, the clips are very well designed and can hang on to any type of hair (long or short), and can also be used to light up your clothes or your Christmas beanie!

There are 3 colors in each of these beard lights and are easily operated; can be turned on and off by clicking them. It’s 31pcs package so enough for the whole family to light up. These Christmas beard lights could be that final perfect touch to complete your Santa costume.

So if your husband or boyfriend keeps a beard and you’re looking for a hilarious gift for them, you needn’t look any further— they were a huge hit with our family and surprisingly, were enough for the whole family.

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