Marshmallow Furniture Foam Toddler Chair

The best toddler chair has to be kid and parent-approved. This one’s exactly that. It’s sturdy and low to the ground, so kids as young as 18 months can get into it without assistance.

That said, this chair should be placed against a wall or on a soft floor. If kids decide to climb on its back, it may tip over, as any chair of this style could.

The Marshmallow Furniture Toddler Chair is made with easy cleaning and use in mind. Unlike other kids chairs that can only be wiped down, this chair features a completely removable, stain-resistant, fabric cover for extra-easy cleaning.

This kids seat is available in various recognizable character options that your child is sure to love. Simba, the Hulk, and Hello Kitty are amongst the back design options.

The foam seat is incredibly comfortable as well as lightweight, but it can handle heavy kid use and play. With a 100 lb weight capacity, older and larger kids are unlikely to damage it.

The only downside we see with this kids chair is the overall aesthetic. A loose, fabric cover means the chair looks less tailored. It’s fine in a nursery or play space but might look a little sloppy next to adult decor.

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