Merax 14FT Trampoline – Editor’s Choice

Our favorite trampoline with a basketball hoop has to be the Merax trampoline with the basketball hoop. While it comes in one color (lime green), Merax provides multiple different square foot options for this round trampoline, including both 12 and 14 feet. As adults, we loved the 14-foot option, in that, it’s quite spacious so more room for backflips!

This model features a 6.5 ft safety net enclosure. The safety net ensures that your child will be jumping in a safe, enclosed space. It also features a built-in metal basketball hoop, which needless to say, only makes trampolining more fun!

As far as safety goes, the Merax trampoline with the Basketball Hoop has 6 W-shaped legs, making it a sturdy and completely safe jumping pad with a basketball hoop!

We were wowed by the impeccable stability of this trampoline. The assembly process was fairly straightforward thanks to the user-friendly instruction manual (included in the packaging). The trampoline came with a life-saver spring hook tool so we didn’t end up hand-pulling the springs during assembly. It took 2 members of our team nearly 2 hours to assemble this trampoline. However, the fun that we had assembling it, was totally worth the time!

The fact that this trampoline has a 330lb capacity makes it perfect for a father-son game of one on one! Another great thing that we loved was the 4 step ladder that was included with this trampoline. This makes it easier for your kids to be able to access the trampoline without your help! Overall, we got arguably the best jumps out of this trampoline.

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