Razor A3 Kick Scooter

Perhaps you have a kid that wants a more classic-looking, two-wheel scooter. If that’s the case, consider buying Razor’s A3 kick scooter with two wheels. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, this scooter will stand the test of time as well as your child’s energy.

It has a special shock absorber that doesn’t use a spring, giving any kid as smooth a ride as possible even over bumpy sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways. Since a two-wheeled scooter is inherently less stable than a three-wheeled one, anything that helps your child maintain control on rough surfaces is a good thing.

The polyurethane wheels are larger than previous models and give anyone riding this scooter better traction on many surfaces.

Razor became well-known in the scooter market because it designed a special folding system allowing children to fold their scooters up and take them inside.

Indeed, the fact that it can fold up so small is one reason it drew our eye. Another is its braking ability. The rear brake is very effective, helping to improve their safety. When you’re talking about children, you need a safe, stable product that they won’t outgrow in six months.


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